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What is a TANGRAM?


The Tangram is a Chinese very ancient game called Chi Chiao Bread, which means table of the wisdom. The puzzle is clear of seven pieces or "tans" that they go out of cutting a square in five triangles of different forms, a square and a trapeze. The game consists of using all the pieces to construct different forms. Though originally some hundreds of forms were catalogued only, today they exist more than 10.000.




You appear To arm





En a beautiful housea child was living,with his dog, this child was very happy and him(her) much liked to dance, but certain day his dog got lost, and the child was very sad. it did drawings of his dog And I teachthem to all his acquaintances, Someone said to himThat had seen his dog near the wharf, the boy traversed up to the wharf, The dog on having seen his owner ran towards him,And both happy ones decided to realize one I walk in boat.




Variants of the Tangram

Tangram de 5 Piezas
Tangram de Fletcher
Tangram Pitagórico
Tangram de 12 Piezas
Tangram de 17 Piezas
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